VRBLN Focus: VR for Industry

11.07.2018, 18:30 Uhr, inpro, Steinplatz 2, 10623 Berlin

Virtual Reality (VR) is a tool that is becoming widely adopted for design prototyping and training in industrial environments. This tech is for example now growing in the automotive, chemical industry and even in the tool industry. Today all industries can greatly benefit from the latest evolution of VR technology to increase efficiency and save time/money.

To give an overview of the latest VR applications in those fields we are organising an event around the topic where professionals of the industry will present their solutions. Added to that you can try different VR/AR demos available for you.


inpro (https://www.inpro.de/de/):
Company: Human Factors Engineering, Virtual Worker Training and Digital Continuous Improvement can be better supported leveraging the powers of VR/AR.
Topic: “Industrial XR”: Empowering industrial companies for the use of VR building on existing PDM/PLM data.

Meshicon Software (http://www.meshicon.com/):
Company: Mixed reality for Industry 4.0, the holographic interface for machines.
Topic: Holographic tools for helping users to interact with complex industrial machines.

Company: Virtual & Augmented Reality Solutions For Enterprises
Presentation: “Collaborative VR for Training & Sales: The MatrixWorks Envision Example”.

Trotzkind (http://trotzkind.com/)
Company: Providing immersive media such as VR, AR, 360° video, games, films and interactive installations. Their clients’ industries range from the entertainment industry to business applications.
Topic: Training for the assembly of train parts.

WeAre: (https://www.we-are.solutions/)
Company: Connect global companies by enabling teams to collaborate in an intuitive and simple virtual environment.
Presentation: „Beam me up, Scotty“ – How virtual software can overcome the boundaries of globalisation.

- inpro
- Meshicon
- Matrix Work
- Trotzkind
- WeAre

For industrial professionals who are interested in digitalisation and integrating VR/AR to their pipelines.

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