Factory: Meet & Pitch Blockchain

04.12.2019, 19:00 Uhr, Factory Görlitzer Park, Lohmühlenstr. 65, 12435 Berlin, 5. Stock

This was a very communative and entertaining evening at the Factory Berlin where these 4 great Blockchain startups pitched in front of the DLT interested audience:

  • Dr. Nicholas Garrett (CEO) from RCS Global - data-driven responsible sourcing of natural resources
  • Alex Scott (Project Lead) & James Simpson (Full-Stack Developer) from Stability Labs - A Decentralised Platform for Scalable & Risk Minimised Stable Assets
  • Gunther Walden (Co-founder & CEO) from Circular Tree -Synchronizing supply chain compliance management through blockchain technology
  • Christian Ecker (Project Researcher) from Minespider

    Expert Panelists who gave questions and advice to the pitchers:

  • Ana Trbovich (Co-Founder & COO) – Grid Singularity
  • Christine Mohan (Co-Founder) – Blue Firefly & Civil Media
  • Max Bade (Startup Scout and Innovation Manager) – Daimler Mobility

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