18.09.2018, 18:30 Uhr, GTEC@WeWork, Stresemannstr. 123, 5. Stock, 10963 Berlin

Für technologieorientierte Startups gibt es nicht nur Patente, sondern auch die Standardisierung, um auf seine Technologie aufmerksam zu machen und in letzterem Falle in seiner Branche sogar einen neuen Standard zu setzen. Siehe auch hier.

Dass dies durch den DIN CONNECT-Wettbewerb, dessen diesjährige Bewerbungsfrist am 30.9. ausläuft, sogar kostenlos passieren kann, soll auf dieser Veranstaltung durch DIN selbst und einen frisch gebackenen DIN-CONNECT-Absolventen verdeutlicht werden.


  • 18.00 h Doors open
  • 18.30 h De-Won Cho, DIN: DIN SPEC und seine Bedeutung für Startups
  • 19.00 h Dr. Martin Bothe: Der Weg von Smarterials zum DIN SPEC
  • 19.30 h Networking

Die Veranstaltung findet auf Englisch statt.


English text:

The DIN SPEC(ification) is a highway to standardization, made possible since 2012 in Germany but is totally unknown. Until September 30th, there is the DIN CONNECT competition where you can win up to 35.000€ per team and get the whole process of working out your DIN SPEC at DIN starting in March 2019 for free.

In this meetup, all pros and cons of the DIN SPEC will be discussed by DIN Innovation and a startup example of Smarterials, moderated and organized by Andersen Marketing.

The DIN SPEC procedure runs as follows:
1. The initiator (startup or corporate who has an idea/process/classification that is not
patented or standardized so far) proposes a team of experts (scientists, industry heroes
like customers, suppliers or special consultants).
2. The initiator fills out an online application form with his idea and team that will be checked
and published for one month by DIN to give others the chance to join the team.
3. The final group of 4-8 experts for 4-6 months under moderation of DIN e.V. works out a
DIN SPEC. This document describes the conditions and circumstances of a new
technology, a new process or a new classification which set a new standard in their line
of business/industry.
4. The new standard carrying a 5-digit number is published by Beuth Verlag, a 100%
daughter of DIN, and can be downloaded for free from everybody here.

Apply to win the money here: https://www.din.de/de/forschung-und-innovation/foerdervorhaben/din-connect

See you at this informative meetup!

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