Blockchain in Practice & Startup Pitches

18.07.2019, 18:00 Uhr, Computer Futures, Friedrichstr. 200, 10117 Berlin, A 1. Stock

This event is a mix of keynotes and startup pitches around the topic Blockchain at our host Computer Futures in Mitte.


17.30: Doors open

18.00 – 18.15: "Decentralised Voting as a use case for blockchain technology" – Conrad Beckert (incl. 5 min Q&R)

We are a group of technology and business experts from all over Germany willing to learn about Blockchain technology. We meet online every Tuesday to develop and discuss. As an educational project we decided to build a decentralised voting application on a private Ethereum network.

18.15 – 18:35: 3 Startup pitches

18:35 refreshing break

18.45 – 19:00: “Distinct Data Protection and Security for Blockchain Applications” – Xenia Bogomolec (incl. 5 min Q&R)

How to identify values and risks in the landscape of Blockchain infrastructures and enable measurements for long term protection.

19:00 – 19.10: 2 Startup pitches

  • ZkSystems - Scalable Blockchain for Industrial IoT
  • Cyclever - der urbanen Lieferdienst der Zukunft: Radlogistik hocheffizient, ökologisch und sozial gerecht.

19.10 – 21.00: Pizza, Beer & Networking

We are looking forward seeing you!

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